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Once we’ve had our free consultation, I will be best able to recommend a package that is the right fit for you.

When you choose to work with me:

What You Can Expect

  • My undivided attention during our time together
  • An unbiased accountability partner
  • To be asked probing questions in support of your goal(s)
  • Honest feedback

What’s Expected Of You

  • Being on time to sessions and giving your full attention during our work together
  • Being open to learning more about yourself
  • Asking thoughtful questions
  • A commitment to meeting our established timeline
  • Being willing to re-evaluate the goals and reset as necessary

EFT for Beating Burnout

4 Sessions

Discovery Session (45 min)
4 EFT Sessions (60 min each)

7 Sessions

Discovery Sessions (45 min)
7 EFT Sessions (60 min each)

Monthly Sessions

Discovery Session (45 min)
12 EFT Sessions (60 min each)

Individual Sessions

For Established Clients ONLY
1 EFT Session (60 min)