Who Needs a Career Coach?

Donna Dennison

July 20, 2021

Do you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios?

  • You get anxious Sunday evening thinking about going back to work Monday morning
  • You feel dissatisfied with your current job
  • You’ve considered leaving the corporate world and starting a business
  • You spent the last 18 months working from home and aren’t sure want to go back to working in an office
  • You’re upset that you didn’t the promotion you deserved
  • You’ve lost your passion for your chosen work and can’t figure out what to do next

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it might be time to work with a career coach.

So what’s in it for you to work with a career coach?

A career coach:

  • Provides you with one-on-one, individualized career planning services
  • Offers you accountability and unbiased feedback
  • Has a structured methodology and tool kit to help you identify your interests, passions, financial goals, skills, abilities, values, work style
  • Will help you make sense of your efforts and provide guidance as you make decisions about your career path

Once you identify your career path and develop a strategic plan, a career coach can teach you to:

  • Research your preferred industry
  • Write an accomplishment-based, stand-out resume
  • Write exceptional cover letters
  • Effectively network
  • Arrange informational interviews
  • Plan for and practice job interviewing
  • Negotiate salary

If you’re still unsure what’s in it for you to engage a career coach, take advantage of my 20 minute free consultation to get your questions answered and determine whether working with me is right for you.