Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for Donna Dennison doing business as Donna Dennison Career Strategy Coaching LLC 

And as the following website:

Email contact:


When you inquire about session packages, sign up for a 20 minute free consultation through Calendly, sign a contract with us,  and pay for packages through PayPal your contact information will be retained for any of the following reasons:

  1. As part of a contract while we communicate
  2. By your consent
  3. For future business and interactions

(If you are interested in reading how Calendly and PayPal use your data XXXXXXXXXXXXX   XXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

Your purchase history and details (sent to us from PayPal) are retained for seven years for legal and accounting services.

When you purchase a service package for online, phone, or in-person services, all the above applies. Donna Dennison Career Strategy Coaching LLC keeps a record of your name, email address, mailing address.

Specifically, for one-on-one coaching sessions, you may need to provide personal/sensitive information about yourself. Intake forms and signed contracts are kept in hard-copy form and filed in a locked filing cabinet. All session notes are hand-written (not retained on computer) by your coach for the purpose of ensuring we stay on task to complete goals set. Only dates and initials are attached to the notes. They are kept in a locked file cabinet and retained only as long as we are under contract.

Your privacy is important to us. We will never share your data except by your consent or under law. When working together, we may need to give out pieces of your personal information to another practitioner or therapist as part of a referral. This is done only with your consent.

You can correct or update personal data if it is incorrect or incomplete.